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Who is Elaine?


“Dear Friends, I’ve been working as a practicing psychic for over forty years. That work has included teaching various levels of Tarot and psychic development, meditation, doing radio and television shows, participating in and producing psychic fairs, lectures and workshops across the nation. Over the years I have had the honor of helping families and police departments search for loved ones. I do not claim to be accurate 100% of the time, but Spirit has allowed me to share a gift that has helped many people. Have I been challenged by this gift? Yes. Has it frightened me at times? Yes. Would I change one single moment of service? Absolutely, not! There are no words strong enough to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to have helped the clients that have been led to me and my guides for assistance. It is humbling to watch spirit work. Even after so many years of doing this work that I love so much, I feel that I am just getting started. I look forward to many more years of sharing my energy and the energy of my guides with you. Blessings, Elaine”

"Elaine Ireland is a mentor of mentors, a teacher of teachers – one of the few I know well in the Austin area. I don’t know anyone who has been dedicated to this work longer. She is the most experienced tarot and psychic development teacher I know and her classes are meaty. She is also one of the most practical, down to earth, professional women I know. I know that students are in good hands with Elaine, hence why I ask her to come teach for our group. I am certain you will find value in her guidance!"

- Julia Chambers, The Seeker's Round Table

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Online Learning

Spirit is ready to answer all of your questions. Do you need to better understand a past event? What about your current situation? Your future? Let’s get those questions answered.


Elaine loves using her Tarot and Psychic Development teaching methods combined with the business aspect of being a professional metaphysican to guide you into a success business or simply enjoy sharing your gifts with family and friends.

Online Readings

Spirit is ready to answer all of your questions. Do you need to better understand a past event? What about your current situation? Your future? Let’s get those questions answered.

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are one of the most ancient forms of spiritual connection that is still in use today. And, in the hands of a Tarot Master such as Elaine they are a tried and tested method of accurately predicting involving information about your life’s journey.
As a non-denominational minister weddings are one of Elaine’s favorite things to do and for over 30 years she has been proud to be trusted with the joining of couples in marriage. No ceremony too big, none are too small.

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‘Talker’ is a drum that was hand crafted by American Indian, Little Beaver. if you want to hire Elaine for a drum ceremony or have interest in uses of a Talker for spiritual needs - contact Elaine via this site

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Elaine is available for events you are hosting, please do not hesitate to contact her and request a talk on any of the subjects you find on this page and if there is something outside the site scope, contact is always welcome,

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Elaine is excited about sharing adventures, classes and a variety of events in the blog section. Of course pictures will be included!
Elaine Ireland Psychic Medium

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