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Mentoring - Coaching - Learning It is within us all, why not you
online tuition

Learning 1 to 1 - or Online

You can, if you are local learn in person - or if distance an issue, online, via social media/skype/seminar

Elaine offers various types of tuition and varying methods of delivery, for example, you can learn online by:

online learning

  • Over Skype (one to one, personal or group)
  • Over Facebook Messenger (one to one)
  • Seminar Software (class size dependent)
  • At home (Distance is a factor)

Whichever method suits your needs for best learning experience, information will be coming up soon about the range of instruction provided with links and more....


Learn from home @ your pace

Learning via skype is probably one of the best ways of keeping student/Mentor in touch when distance is a factor, makes it simple, with the use of screen sharing and board sharing, lessons can be brought right onto your screen in real time whilst two way interactive conversation takes place, a fantastic opportunity to learn


Connect direct easily/quickly

facetime connection

Facetime, via facebook, whatsapp or other social media is a great way to have contact with each other, times and date will be provided when sessions are being held and connection will be made when mutually agreeable - this also means you can learn at your pace

Google +

Join the virutal classroom

google learningGoogle plus/Google hangouts are one of the best ways to attend a project or classroom virtually, not only will you get one to one tuition, it will also be recorded so looking back on the whole lesson is easy as click, rewinf as many times as necessary to strengthen your understanding of subject being taught

Home Learning

Comfort of your living room

home school

If distance is not an issue, you can learn and enhance your psychic abilities at home or in a classroom with me, i do pivate tuition and mentoring, personal development designed specifically to your needs